Config file

The config file dimer.json is the heart of a dimer project. It contains all neccessary information to setup and customize your documentation website.

Each project/website will have it's own configuration file, which is created by running the following command.

dimer init

# Created dimer.json

The file is formatted in JSON and looks similar to the following snippet.

  "subdomain": "",
  "cname": "",
  "defaultVersion": "master",
  "versions": {
    "master": "docs/master"
  "theme": "default",
  "themeSettings": {}


Each website must have a unique subdomain suffixed with For example:

  • adonisjs
  • or

The subdomain is used to access your website on the internet.


The cname property is used to map a custom domain to your URL. For this, you will also have to make some minor changes in your DNS server. Learn more about cnames here.


If your website only maintains a single version of documentation, then let this value as it is. Otherwise, you can define the version number on which users must land by default.


Again, no changes are required if you only maintain a single version of documentation. Otherwise you can define a map of key/value pairs.

The key defines the version number and value points to a directory in which markdown files for that version are stored.

  "versions": {
    "1.0": "docs/v1",
    "1.1": "docs/v1"

Also you can define human friendly display name for a version as follows.

  "versions": {
    "1.0": {
      "name": "Version 1",
      "path": "docs/v1"


The theme property defines the output theme for your documentation. Currently we only support one theme i.e default, so please leave this option as it is.


Each theme exposes a set of configuration options, that you can define in order to integrate some services or customize the outlook of your website.

Make sure to read the theme settings guide for same.