Dimer for Linux

During beta, we have released command line binaries for every major operating system, including Linux. Being a Linux user you must be pretty comfortable with the command line.

Table of contents

Head over to your dashboard https://dimerapp.com/dashboard and click Linux button. It will download the file with .sh extension.

Assuming you downloaded the file inside the ~/Downloads directory, let's get into the same directory by running the following command.

cd ~/Downloads

# /Users/<your-name>/Downloads

The downloaded file is a binary, we need to run it as follows.

sh ./dimer-for-linux.sh

# Output
# Verifying archive integrity...  100%   All good.
# Uncompressing Dimer linux  100%

Once done! You will be able to execute commands by running dimer from your command line.


If you can see the following output on your terminal, then you have successfully installed Dimer for Linux.

Run the following command to check the CLI version.

dimer --version