Markdown Syntax Premiere

Just writing docs is not enough. We need to structure them properly to be consumable by our readers.

Make sure to check the official markdown syntax guide for the complete reference.

Why structure matters?

When writing documentation, we need to understand that our users don't read it the way we expect. They scan through the documentation and try to find a relevant topic.

It is essential to format your text by mixing right set of elements. More importantly, you must divide your content into multiple sections for better readability.

Creating sections

Dimer will split your doc into multiple sections after every H2. So always make sure to divide content wisely into numerous sections.

## First section title
Some content

## Second section title


You must use H3 for sub-headings. They will also appear in the Table of contents, making it easier for the user to navigate to them quickly.

## Section title
Some content

### Section subtitle 1
More content

### Section sub title 2

The H4 heading must be used for adding titles to individual sections. For example: Defining a title before a code block.

Also if you are documenting code, then you can make use of H4 to define class methods or functions.

Code groups

Dimer allows you to group your code blocks inside tabs. It is super helpful when you want to show code examples related to each other.

Tab layout is created with the help of core group macro, as shown below.

    <p class="red"> Hello </p>

    .red {
      color: red

The output of the above snippet will be.